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About us

Sheikh Stores was one of the first family businesses to come to Libya. Mohamed Sheikh started the business back in 1948 and worked hard to grow it into what it is today. What might have started out as a small enterprise quickly blossomed into a budding industry for this family. Mohamed originally started the business with a vision to market and supply a number of watch brands to the public. He wanted to make these products available to a market where no previous manufacturer support existed.
Since his starting the business more than half of a century ago, a number of stores covering the country are popping up. Now, more and more people are gaining access to products that wasn’t ever thought possible. His vision has truly changed how things were for Libya for the better. Because of this, more than 10 stores are now open in various cities throughout Libya and we hope to continue expanding our operations to provide more individuals with the chance to purchase a quality watch at an affordable price.
Any customer who comes in to Sheikh Stores will be treated with the utmost care and respect. We treat you like you are a part of the family. This is what makes our family-owned business so amazing. Beyond helping you find a new watch to complement your needs, we can also handle any watch repairs that you need to have done. We are a full service store that is here to take care of your needs quickly and easily.
While other companies might leave you stranded after the sale is done and over with, that isn’t the case here. You can turn to these experts for all of your watch needs. The commitment and quality of service is unlike anything you have ever experienced in the past from other retailers. Don’t settle for something less than what you deserve and want. Come in to Sheikh Stores and explore the wide range of items available for you to purchase.